Blue Crab Beach
Seine Bight Village
Placencia, Belize
Tours and Diving Information
    There are many of activities to make your visit a memorable one.

    -Our private beach on the Caribbean provides safe bathing, snorkeling, fishing and sunbathing

   - Whale Watching, Sailing and Red Macaw trips are available from licensed tour guides and tour operators.  

   - Boat trips to the Barrier Reef for snorkeling , scuba, fishing or sightseeing can easily be arranged.

   -Day trips to the Jaguar Reserve and Mayan ruins are also available. 

   -Local businesses rent canoes and kayaks.

   -There are local dive shops renting equipment and most of the dive operators rent snorkeling and dive  

      We arrange trips and tours for our guests with the best local licensed tour operators and guides. All operators and guides are             required by Belize law to be trained & licensed up to date.
                                          Prices are subject to change from the tour operators.

Snorkeling and SCUBA

 One or the  most popular activity for guests here and with good reason, the Barrier Reef provides Diving,shelter and food to thousands of species and this sparsely populated area of the world has not been over fished or ecologically degraded. The diving is spectacular and the protection of the reef allows for diving almost any day of the year. We send our guests with local dive operators and try to match the diver to the divemaster. Certifying dives can be made in the morning and diving at the reef the same afternoon. Some dive operators carry only divers, some only snorkelers , some both. Whale shark trips approximately $165 US/person, $105 US/person snorkel. Sail boat snorkeling trips are available full and half day.

Regular snorkel trips $65 US/person + tax, regular two tank scuba dive $100 US/person + tax, Monkey River trip $65 US/person + lunch. General Sales Tax is added to all trips.

Even if you have never scuba dived you can take the one day resort dive, train in the morning and dive that afternoon with a dive instructor accompanying you. $125 US. Or take the regular four day course of instruction and practice dives to become a certified diver. $350 US
The Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve
 The Blue Crab Resort is about 25 miles from The Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve and takes about an hour by car (roads are rough). This is the worlds only reserve with free ranging jaguars. Since the jaguar is a protected species throughout Belize they have a healthy population here that is not in danger of extinction, as they are throughout the rest of the world. These big cats are reclusive and seeing one in the wild requires some luck or persistence but a visit to the reserve will not be a disappointment if you don't see a Jaguar. The rainforest itself is spectacular. Paths have been created and there is a waterfall with swimming. There are regular tours going to the cockscomb reserve. Jaguar reserve tours $70 US/person includes park fee, lunch, guide.

Ask your guide about stopping at Maya Center, located at the entrance of the Jaguar Reserve, for great Mayan arts & crafts.

Mayan Ruins

 While the larger Mayan cities that have been discovered so far are all in the northern part or the country there are a few significant Mayan sites in our area including Nim Li Punit and spectacular Lubaantun where the famous crystal skull was discovered. We can send you on a tour to the two sites in one trip or you can arrange a trip to either or both by private taxi. These sites are located south of Placencia on the Southern Highway.
  River/Caves expedition  package  - Inner tubing, hiking and climbing to explore this incredible river cave system. You can still see Mayan ceremonial centers, pottery, artifacts, altars, and footprints of the shamen and priests dated to 400 AD. Spectacular crystal formations over 5,000,000 years old. A living Museum. Trip lasts all day and is physically demanding. Hiking boots, or well treaded sneakers, shorts, t-shirt and a dry change of clothes are necessary

Southern Ruins, $80 US/person includes park fee, lunch, guide and transport

Northern ruins of Xunantunich & Altun Ha now available, $100 US/person
Monkey River Trip

Probably the best way to experience the ecology of Belize is the Monkey River trip. This very popular excursion begins with a boat trip to the mouth of Monkey River which is about 12 miles south of Placencia. Most of this part of the trip is through Red Mangrove forest. You will see mangrove bird species here including heron, cormorant, woodstorks, ibis, egret, kingfisher, mangrove warblers and mangrove swallows. Of course what you see will depend on the season and to some extent on luck . Other animals to watch for include the manatee or sea cow and the crocodile.

Passing the town of Monkey River you will proceed slowly up the river by boat. Both sides of the river belong to the Monkey River Preservation area and you will see mostly mature second growth forest. WoodstorksThe river has only one habitation on it after you pass Monkey River town and you will have the opportunity to see many types of wildlife. You are almost guaranteed to see Black Howler Monkeys. Over 80 species of birds have been spotted on a single trip . You could see Harpy eagle, Jabiru, many different species of toucan, kingfishers and many types of hummingbird. From the boat and later when you take one of the trails for a one to one and a half mile hike, you could see crocodiles, iguana, turtle, kinkajou, agouti, gibnut, paca, butterflies of all types and almost any other animal in the rainforest.

After the trail walk you travel back down the river to the town of Monkey River. One of the oldest towns in Belize, it was once the largest settlement south of Belize city. The tour stops here to eat lunch in an excellent creole style restaurant and view local artists and craftsman's work before returning to Placencia. Monkey River $65 US/person + lunch.
GS tax is added to all trips.